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TECNO MECC run by the Simonato family, is a model company for its organisation and efficiency. When its founder, Guerrino Simonato, was just sixteen years old he started working for the famous “Moto Laverda” company. Before long he was made head of his production department thanks to his skills. In 1974 he realised his life-long dream: to start his own business.


His success was based on the precision of his metalworking production which quickly attracted great interest; thus the demand for his work steadily increased. In 1990 the company became TECNO MECC Srl with twenty employees and President Guerrino Simonato’s four children as partners in the administration and technical management. Throughout all these years of growth, TECNO MECC has always maintained its original focus on the principle of devoting maximum attention down to the last detail.



Today, the development plans range from expanding the production areas to optimising the technological tools, maintaining a highly qualified standard. We have always paid close attention to the quality of our metalworking processes and the services offered.

The keys to the company’s success and growth are the continuous improvement of our products, our staff and customer services. Our work is characterised by fundamental values such as flexibility, precision and customer satisfaction and prove our commitment to ensuring innovative quality products.



The company’s main activities are:

– iron, stainless steel, aluminium tube bending;
– robotic wire welding;
– 7 wire and TIG welding workstations;
– sheet metal bending and laser cutting;
– mechanical machining and turning on machining centre dim. 1000x500x600h.
All of these activities are performed by qualified personnel using state-of-the-art CNC machinery.
Furthermore, we are able to carry out all the phases of structural metal work and provide finished products customised to specific user’s needs. In October 1999, we were granted the ISO 9002 certification by TUV Italy, and since then we have expanded the company with a new mechanical machining and laser cutting facility.

Our major customers are: Laverda Spa and Komatsu Utility Europe, both operating in the agricultural machinery sector.


A winning team is the company’s real capital, the human capital. A team with technical expertise and professional skills, without which technical innovation alone would be pointless: man before machine.

With their commitment and professionalism, our employees are the strength of our company, sharing values based on teamwork. Although in the last twenty years the company has made great progress, its original identity, which reflects the tenacity and determination of its founder, Guerrino Simonato, remains unchanged: to maintain cohesion between employees and the company, in a relationship based on mutual respect.

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